Dating Advice for Unmarried Girl in her Twenties

Twenties are a tricky phase of anyone's life, be it a boy or a girl, married or unmarried. If adolescence is confusing, then one must wait for the twenties. Some girls are more sorted than others. It is not wise to generalize but when we have to talk about some useful dating advice for unmarried girl in her twenties, it calls for some generic foundations to begin with, which may apply to many girls but they may not apply to some.

An unmarried girl in her twenties is in all likelihood unsure about what she truly wants, be it love or life. The same goes for boys as well. There are plenty of temptations and provocations. They are some misunderstood emotions and misplaced priorities. Some women prefer intellect over brawn while some women are more drawn to the physicality of a boy than his intelligence or emotional quotient. Unmarried girls must understand that all these attributes are hyped up. A high intelligence quotient is not a guarantee that you will have a really wise and satiating time with the boy. Great emotional quotient can be perceived or presented as such. The impeccable physique of the boy or the drool worthy looks that make one go weak in the knees will only have a temporary impact. What you must look for is a balance and if you are comfortable in that space.

Many girls in their twenties tend to shut their own judgments because they have at least one checkbox ticked. If the boy is caring enough or is around most of the time one needs, then that often trumps other essential requisites, such as financial stability, maturity, personal preferences and larger view of life. When a boy earns well, it may often reduce the significance of squeezing out enough time or being there for the girl emotionally. It is common for unmarried girls in their twenties to think that one cannot get everything or that one must compromise on some grounds.

It is one thing to believe in utopia and another to begin one's life with compromises. There will be compromises to make at every stage of your life, don't begin your relationship with one. And no, the bare minimum one checkbox is not good enough for you to start dating a boy. A boy scoring a perfect ten in one attribute doesn't make up for the zero in other necessary attributes. It is better to go for someone who scores an average of five to seven in all requisite attributes.

Unmarried girls tend to conform themselves according to what is expected of them. Boys have some expectations, girlfriends have certain expectations and society has several expectations. Shun them all and be who you are. You cannot and will never be able to mold yourself the way everyone wants, even if you manage to do so for a few months or a few years in your twenties. True happiness lies in being who you are and then having as much fun as you can.

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