TOP 10 Online Dating Mistake to Avoid

Life today gets decided by online dating, a concept that is spreading like forest fire in the society. People select their partners online chatting and sharing mails about each other. This trend has gained high velocity irrespective of the fact whether information shared is true or concocted ones. As much interesting the concept is are the frustration levels caused by the same. While many try to follow etiquettes applicable for dating online, many tend to make mistakes that may time and again spoil their genuine efforts to get a suitable date. We provide here some healthy dating advice about the mistakes that need to be avoided while dating online.

Avoid using a dull name

Remember the name you use is going to be your first advertisement. Dull or boring names may repel people from visiting your profile on top dating sites. Create an interesting name for yourself. For instance, if you are a 30 year old woman and a regular Tennis player, create an interesting name like Tennischick30. This will attract people both by name and interest. However, ensure you do not give your original name that may not draw much attention.

Do not post ugly photos

While you will not really post photos in which you look ugly, ensure the photos you post are beautiful and attractive. Just because you have gained some extra pounds, avoid posting old photos taken earlier when you looked skinny. While this may workout initially, when the truth gets exposed, this would the worst dating mistake of yours that you would regret for. Do not post selfie where you may appear tensed about looking at the right angle. Seek the help of a makeup and photography professional who can really get an attractive profile photo for you. By this you can make a lasting first impression on all top dating sites there.

Post updated photos frequently

Not everyone has the same taste. While some may have got attracted with the initial photo you had uploaded in the dating site, few other may not have liked it. Keep changing your basic photo every now and then and ensure every time you post photos that project you in all originality and beauty.

Avoid sending mails that are impersonal

Do not initiate any communication with the person who has shown interest in your profile without studying their profile in depth. If you are communicating with them vide mails, mention some key facts in their profile that attracted you so they know that you are truly involved in the issue. Do not send long mails. Restrict your mails to a maximum of two short paragraphs.

Do not date without Chatting and interacting through mail

Avoid dating without understanding the person on the other side through online chat or mails. Talk over phone with each other and check for chemistry between the two of you. You can easily ascertain this when you consciously observe the going with a little bit of aloofness. If you feel your mindsets do not gel, express it to the other person in a polite manner so you save both your time and effort.

Handle only what is manageable

One of the best dating tips is to avoid communicating with too many people at the same time. This may make things unmanageable for you to keep track of who is who. If you feel two or three responses appear to be more or less suitable, make your profile inactive for some time. For all you know, handling too many responses may make you slip a genuine perfect match owing the confusions caused or lack of time.

Don't use adjectives in your profile

Adjectives are value additions not only to you but to so many others who are your age and probably using the same adjectives to describe themselves. Particularly avoid using adjective like 'Brave', 'soft hearted' etc. to describe you. Instead, share your real life experiences like how you felt when you saved an old woman from a car accident. This will give a personal touch while establishing the fact in the other person's mind that you are brave.

Avoid spelling and grammar errors

Needless to say, spelling and grammar errors in your profile will show you in poor light highlighting your callous attitude towards such a serious thing in life.

Avoid revealing too much and sounding bitter

Remember, till you meet the person face to face and something works out, the other person is still a stranger to you. So avoid revealing much about you. Avoid using words like 'only serious people apply' and try to use positive words to make them realize that you are serious about this.

Don't ever give up

Do not step back just because nothing has worked. Remember you have entered into something that means life to you. Be patient till you come across that special someone you were waiting for all along. Even if you don't stumble upon that special person immediately, at the end of the day, you might have earned some genuine friendship during the process.

October 2, 2016 / by admin / in Dating Advice