Dating Sites vs. Dating Apps Pros and Cons

You have been single long enough to have gotten tired of hearing everyone's advice about how and where to meet that special someone. You are sick of hearing people tell you to get a hobby so that you can meet someone with a similar hobby who happens to be as lonely as you are. You are tired of blind dates and awkward dinner parties that were clearly organized for the purpose of your cousin introducing you to her unmarried colleague. The truth is that about one out of every five couples in the United States met each online. It is no longer a question of online dating versus placing a personal ad in the paper newspaper. Now that you are ready to get started with online dating, the choice is between dating sites and dating apps. Both online dating venues have their advantages, but let us explore why you might choose one over the other.



Dating sites have been around longer than dating apps have. They are as old as the World Wide Web, and if we consider that, in the pre-Web days, people used to play matchmaker on the old Bulletin Board Systems, they may even be older. There are some reputable websites that have been around a really long time, such as eHarmony and They have many thousands of members. Even your parents, who may have gone on dates at the drive-in movie theater, have heard of the big websites, so it is less awkward to tell them the story of where you met your significant other.

Another important advantage of dating sites is that there are so many of them, and some of them are specialized. If you are hoping to settle down with someone who shares your religious beliefs or cultural background, there is a dating site where you can meet like-minded people, no matter what your background might be.


In many ways, apps are the future. People use apps to pay their bills and to communicate with their colleagues at work and with their friends. Our generation is used to immediate communication. With a dating app, you do not have to wait until you get back home to your computer to find out if the person you messaged last night responded to your message. The suspense of waiting to find out whether your potential date responded to your efforts to engage them in conversation is one of the most intimidating things about using websites.


Dating Sites

Some members of the app generation see online websites as old fashioned. If you sign up for a dating site, do not be surprised if you are the youngest person on the site.

Because dating sites can be so big, there are more Mr. and Ms. Wrongs on a big website than there are on a small app. If they harass you to the point that you decide to delete your profile, you will also be losing out on a lot of chances to meet the right person.

Dating Apps

Your phone is always in your hand, and the app is always on your phone. If someone you like rejects you on an app, that pain stares you in the face every time you go to write yourself a note on your phone or return your mom's text message. Dating apps can remind you of your loneliness in much the same way that social media can. Besides, nosy co-workers can see the app on your phone.

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