Make Your First Date Special - 5 Ideas

Finally, you are going for your first date and are looking for some ideas. No doubt you have come to the right place. In this write-up we are going to provide you the amazing but realistic first date ideas that will really help you to get most of it. You may have read about the ideas like "be yourself", "be attentive", "be nice" and blah blah blah...

We are not saying that the ideas are wrong, but you may have heard them many times and now, you may be looking for the new ones. Well, if it is the case then we can help you. Here we are going to mention some new ideas which will help you to make your first date special.

  • Get closer
    However, we do not mean that you should go intimate in your first date, but maintain a closeness that will let her feel your presence. You should try to maintain the closeness with which she would feel comfortable. Always remember that getting more or less closer will be awkward for her. For an instance, rather than sitting across the table, sit next to her. It will let you get closer.
  • Never go at looks
    In the case you are going to date a beautiful woman, more probably you may be thinking of the ways to win her and take her into confidence. And if it is the way, then definitely you are going to lose her. Instead, you should think that beauty and looks are common, and it is not the only opportunity to get a beautiful lady by your side. It will let you think about the important aspects like who is she, what are her interests and values, is she the one you want or not, etc. And to all this, your focus should be more on listening than speaking.
  • Take the advantage of the environment around you
    Don't go an old way by going for dinner or coffee. Though there is no harm doing so, but then your date will be converted into an interview session where both of you will be interviewing each other. Instead do something that you both find enjoyable. Some of the possibilities are to go for a comedy show if you want to have a fun, walk on the beachside if you want a romantic setting, go to music show if you are looking for little physical touch, etc.
  • Choose a place where you can be alone
    However, it does not mean that you should choose a closed room, but you should try to choose a place where there will be fewer distractions from other people. Like, you can sit at the beach, have a stroll at boardwalk or visit any such place where there will be less people around you.
  • Try to know her deep
    However, first date is not meant for intimacy; so, you should wait for it. Instead, you should talk to her as much you can, so that you can know that what kind of person she is.
March 22, 2016 / by admin / in Hot Topics