How We Rank

When you can find everything pertaining to a specific subject in one place, the benefits are fantastic. You can learn about everything you want to know in a singular location. You can use this site as the home base for all of your research.

Make sure you are getting everything you need from a place that you can ultimately trust. To that end, you are going to want to understand how we set about ranking our items. When you understand this process, you will understand the work that goes into determining just how one item outranks another.

In order to create an accurate, compelling database of rankings and information, a formidable criteria has to be established and adhered to. This means that not only should the criteria be comprehensive, but it should also be flexible.

Keeping all of this in mind, we use the following items to determine our rankings:

  • Privacy controls: Can you control the information that is displayed/shared within your profile?
  • Consumer interest: How many people are interested in the site? How many people are actually sticking around?
  • Conversion rates: The number of visitors is one determining factor, but so is the number of people who actually sign up for the site.
  • Cancellation policy: When the time comes to cancel, you should be able to do this with ease.
  • Free memberships: If a free membership to the site in question is offered, how much do you really get? Can you use the free membership to gain a clear understanding of the benefits that wait for those who pay for a membership?
  • Mobile: In this day and age, it's pretty important to have a website that's going to offer a powerful mobile experience, regardless of the device that you are actually using.
  • Consumer feedback/ratings: How do people really feel about the site? What are they talking about, when they talk about the site? As you can imagine, websites that offer nothing in the way of consumer feedback/ratings are websites that are generally best avoided.
  • Membership base: You want to deal in websites that not only offer large membership bases, but also offer large membership bases that are actually active to a significant degree.
  • Discounts: Some websites offer discounts for grabbing a longer subscription package. Other sites offer discounts/rewards for getting others to sign up.
  • Signup process: You certainly want a site you can sign up for with ease.
  • Customer service: Friendly, professional customer service is essential.