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With so many dating sites out there, finding one to try can be quite challenging for a newcomer. If you want to skip right to the best online dating sites, you will definitely want to make some time for Zoosk.

Compared with some of the other juggernauts of online dating, Zoosk can strike you as a relative youngster. However, ever since the site first opened its doors in 2007, it has amassed a stellar reputation with millions of active users across dozens of countries.

Is the reputation a legitimate one? It would certainly seem so. If you are serious about finding a dating site that will give you a wide range of features, comprehensive safety measures, and highly specific algorithms to help you find someone, Zoosk is well worth a serious look.


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There are essentially two features with Zoosk that you will want to note. These features are designed to set the site apart from the pack. You can certainly make the case that has been successful on that front. From the phenomenal social media integration, to the impressive technology behind the Zoosk Behavioral Matching system, Zoosk offers one of the most unique features to be found anywhere. seems to understand that online dating can be extremely time-consuming, if you don't have anyone or anything to guide you along a little. To that end, has a range of features that hope to give you one of the most personalized experiences to be found anywhere.

The Zoosk Behavioral Matching system is a good example of just how personalized things can get. Sometimes, people change. Their tastes can evolve, transform completely, or simply move in a different direction. Zoosk tries to keep this in mind. When you make changes to your preferences, this will be reflected in the matches you receive. Of all the features you can enjoy on the site, this would have to be the most impressive.

Your habits, preferences, and even trends will influence the matches you receive. The matchmaking element to this site will pay attention to the messages you send, the messages you receive, and even the types of profiles you browse. Virtually every single aspect of your experience on this site is going to play some role in the matches sent to you by the site.

The 7-second "selfie video" feature is another unique component to your Zoosk experience. In order to have your profile verified, you will use your mobile device to upload the "selfie video." This video will then be compared to the pictures on your profile. If everything matches up, your profile will be verified. This is a fantastic measure that ensures you are only ever dealing with real people.

Yet another excellent feature with Zoosk involves the mobile app. It stands to reason that you have likely heard about the app, which continues to be a phenomenal best-seller through online app retailers like Apple. Through the mobile app, you can still enjoy a complete membership experience.

The range of features for free memberships is nice. However, if you want to enjoy everything Zoosk has to offer, then you'll want to plunk down some money for a membership. 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month membership packages are available, with the 1-month membership running you about $29.95 per month.


Package Cost Cost Per Month Savings
Basic Membership FREE FREE 0%
1 month membership $29.95 $29.95 0%
3 months membership $59.85 $19.95 33%
6 months membership $74.95 $12.49 58%

Ease Of Use And Signing Up is extremely easy to use. This fact is nicely realized in the form of using any one of the three methods the site offers for connecting to real people. Whether you are using the Profile Carousel, the comprehensive search feature, or the Zoosk Scientific Matchmaking Service, you are going to find a remarkably straightforward experience waiting for you. For example, if you choose to browse profiles with the Profile Carousel, you will be able to flip through the varied matches that have been chosen for you. Zoosk wants to make online dating fun, particularly for those who are new to the whole thing.

Everything about Zoosk emphasizes ease. This is as true of those who use the traditional version of the site, as it is with those who choose to access the site through the mobile app. Signing up is quick and easy. In fact, you can actually browse profiles on the site for free, and without having to sign up. Naturally, if you want to be able to use any of the messaging features on Zoosk, you will want to register an actual membership.

The Bottom Line

Zoosk offers an elaborate, friendly, and extremely safe online dating experience. The profile verification process we mentioned above is just one example of the safety measures you can find through the site. Furthermore, you will also want to take advantage of the opportunity for private browsing. You really don't need to worry about harassment or losing personal information, when you spend some time with this impressive site.